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Facebook Ad Agency Pricing

There are no surprises here . . . Our agency makes money to help your business grow and expand to a level your competitors can only dream of.  Here are the most common ways to pay for our services so you can get more customers and make more sales.

Pricing below reflects base costs and can be higher based on your actual needs.

Facebook Advertising Fees

Why does it cost so much to go with MGB Marketing? Surely I can find someone cheaper or less expensive than this, right?

In short…yes. You can find someone that wont charge as much for managing your Facebook Ads and, maybe, you will get some results. Our services are not for everyone and we are selective about who we work with.

Typically, if we do not think we can get you AT LEAST 5:1 ROI, then we will pass on the project. This means that, for our standard management fees, we aim for a return of $15,000 (minimum).

Of course, only you can determine if the investment makes economic sense. Call or email with questions.

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